Why Me?  

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Today, business and marketing are all about telling stories.

Who better to tell your story than a writer?


By definition, ghostwriters don't get bylines. I wrote quite a few blog posts for the website below - including 5 of these 6 featured on their home page - as well as many others for clients in fields as diverse as law, insurance, and mental health.

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Published Author


This magazine is no longer in business, but you can read my articles and other work here.

I am rebuilding my other website right now, though, so this link is temporarily out of order.

I also ghostwrote and managed the blog at this website I created, penning over 180 posts: 


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Need help tweaking an important email? Have a presentation to give and want a second set of eyes on your slides? I do that, too.

  In other news  

I was recently profiled by online magazine Voyage Phoenix, so if you'd like to read more about my personal history and what brought me to website design for women entrepreneurs, click here.