Portfolio - 

Kathy Denious, M.Ed.  

About the second site I made for her:

"The website looks phenomenal. I cannot be more pleased with the outcome. Thank you for all your detailed work and dedication to perfectly representing what I do (not an easy task!). You are thorough, well organized, and an exceptional writer. Thank you, thank you, thank you!" 

About the first site I made for her:

"Jennifer created, designed and optimized the most incredible website for me! She took the time to learn about my work, my values and my vision, and perfectly represented who I was and what I do in a beautifully creative page."


- Kathy Denious, M.Ed.

I was lucky to have the opportunity to work with Kathy a second time. Her work was taking her in a new direction and she wanted to update her website to reflect that. 

What began as just a few tweaks became an entire new website. Kathy wanted to showcase the academic nature of her work without intimidating potential parent clients.


Kathy is a private special education teacher. She creates personalized lesson plans for children with learning challenges and then regularly meets with them to carry them out.

A tutor? Sort of, but Kathy is so much more - and that was the challenge behind creating her websites.

Kathy is an impassioned champion of children who are outside the "norm." She believes every child is capable of learning and she is dedicated to making children believe in themselves.


Kathy's recent work has focused a great deal on the research that serves as the foundation of her teaching methods and she wanted that to be evident right away on her new site. This area is immediately below the landing section of her home page.

She added nearly two dozen pieces of scientific research to her site. Part of my job was organizing them in a way that would be accessible to both parents and fellow education professionals. We wound up creating several new pages to showcase this research. And since she is providing true research pieces, proper citation was also needed.


The challenge in displaying all the research articles was to make it easy for visitors to poke around and figure out what they wanted to read. I wanted to show a title, a cover visual, and a brief description. All four research pages resemble this one - each article has it's own strip, on a slightly different color from adjacent strips, with both the title and image linked to the article. This set-up also facilitates the addition of new literature from Kathy in the future.


Since Kathy wanted to be a source of knowledge, not just a special education teacher, we decided to add this primer on all the vocabulary that parents encounter when their child is diagnosed with a learning disability. This area is also on her home page but links to a list of basic definitions.


Another upgrade we made to Kathy's site was the addition of a Mission Statement. She and I wrote this together, trading drafts back and forth until every word was exactly what she wanted.

Writing a Mission Statement is an empowering exercise for women entrepreneurs. The very act of writing it can instill self-confidence and seeing it in print out on the internet can help battle imposter syndrome. I encourage all of my clients to write one.

Overall, Kathy's new site is larger - with the addition of several pages - more detailed, and more focused on research and connecting with her professional peers. At the same time, she is still seeking to connect with parents/potential clients.

As she matures in her career, her website is doing the same.