Services & Pricing

Website Design

Wouldn't it be nice if you could just tell someone what you do and suddenly a website would appear?

That's what I do.

We start with a nice long conversation about your business - your why, your how, your whole story. Add in some nitty-gritty details - which might be stuff like your resume, a price list, or some photographs - and I weave that all together into a site just for you. 


Iot of what I do comes down to listening. I listen to you. I hear your story. Many women don't think their story is worth hearing. I guarantee it's not only worth hearing, it's worth sharing with the world. That's why my focus is on website design for women entrepreneurs.


With or without a website, it's likely you could still use some traditional marketing materials.


If you're expanding your wholesale efforts, it would be nice to have a professional-looking flyer to hand to potential partners.

If there's a "do-at-home" aspect to your business - baked goods, body products, care instructions - you'll look better if your message is coordinated and well-written.

Or you're ready to do something with that list of email addresses you've collected, but aren't sure what. Maybe it's time for a newsletter.


Do you NEED a blog?




But a blog can do a lot of jobs for you.

A consistent, relevant blog can be a tremendous boost to your website's "findability," usually referred to as SEO. (You want people to find you, right?)

A lively, entertaining blog can drive customer engagement (and more interested customers = more revenue).

A useful, informative blog establishes you as an authority in your field (which, over time, will pull more people to your site). Chances are, you know more about what you do than most.

I can blog for you, with as much or as little input from you as you want. (Ghostwriting is much more common in the world of blogging than you might think.)

Coach & Cheerleader

But there's a little more to it than that.

Making a website or creating marketing materials will force you to make a bunch of other decisions about your new business. I talk about this in depth on the Dozen Details page, but among other things, you'll have to think about a business name, a domain name for your site, a logo, social media, and business cards.

I'm here to help with all that decision-making.

And if you need a nudge now and again to keep the ball moving, I can do that, too.



It really depends on what your project needs - photography?  a logo?  online shopping? - but I can give you a super-rough estimate of $1,250, about 25% of which will be a recurring annual cost to keep the site up and running. Once we talk, I send you a precise estimate.


A basic one page/two-sided project starts at $100.


300-500 word posts with a few photos start at $30. 


If you don't ever want to have to think about your website, you can keep me on retainer to update it periodically. New products? Awards? Changes? Just let me know the basic info and I'll weave it into your site/materials. Price varies depending on your situation.

Political Footnote

Are you a woman running for political office? I would be honored to create a website or marketing materials for you for free.