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What's in a name?

My son and I pass this building every day on the drive to school. Every day, it bothers me.

The word you're looking for is "analysis," with a Y. It should say: "Turboanalysis."

So follow me down the rabbit hole on this one . . . .

Either they intentionally misspelled the company name, or they mistakenly misspelled the company name.

If it was a mistake, has NO ONE noticed or brought it to their attention? They've been in business since 1988. This seems unlikely.

If it was intentionally misspelled, that's fine, as long as there is a reason. Sometimes there is a terrific marketing-type of reason for creating your own word. In a freaky coincidence, today on the same car ride, my son was eating this: (Don't judge me. I made bread from scratch earlier in the week.)

FrOOt Loops is a genius intentional misspelling.

A) No one really expects a cereal that looks like this to actually contain real fruit, so using the word "fruit" is borderline misleading.

B) The shape of the letter O is the same as the shape of the cereal!

C) Little kids are the target audience and they aren't great spellers. They just see the Os that match the shape, plus if you spelled "fruit" phonetically, as young children tend to, you'd wind up with "froot."

D) The OO in FrOOt matches the OO in LOOps, helping to create recognition in the pre-reading set.

E) All the Os are replaced with the cereal, again helping to create brand recognition in pre-readers.

None of this can be said of "Turboanalisis." They make airplane parts. I can't think of any reason or connection between what they do and the name. Actually, I can't think of any reason or connection between what they do and ANY spelling of their name, correct or incorrect. Before I Googled them this morning, I assumed they had something to do with finance - like they analyze financial documents. Their website gives no company history that might shed light on the name choice, either.

As if that isn't bad enough - no stated or apparent reason for the name - the internet has had a field day with the name. (I'm proud to say this interpretation hadn't even occurred to me.) There are half a dozen memes out there for Turbo Anal Isis, all of them variations on the "You thought regular Isis was bad."


Granted, the company was founded in 1988, before ISIS was a household word. But for a firm that supplies parts to the military (says so on their website), you'd think the ISIS connotation would've prompted a rename several years ago

Companies rename and rebrand themselves ALL THE TIME.

Dunkin' Donuts is technically just Dunkin (because they sell more than donuts now).

Chemlawn became TruGreen (because people became environmentally conscious and no longer wanted to be so aware that they were dumping chemicals on their lawn).

Kentucky Fried Chicken is now KFC (because let's not think about how it's all unhealthy fried food).

Choosing your business name is a hugely important decision. Put some real thought into it. Think about the spelling. Think about alternate interpretations. Think about abbreviations and acronyms. Think about seeing it on a t-shirt or a refrigerator magnet.

As a new entrepreneur, you have an enormous opportunity when you're choosing a name and this is a key step in your website design. Devote time and mental energy to it. Ask friends and family to brainstorm with you. Sleep on it.

Be Froot Loops! Not Turboanalisis.

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