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What kind of entrepreneur are you?

Updated: Apr 8, 2019

When I decided to start my own business, I eagerly began reading and listening to everything I could find on the topic of entrepreneuring. How exciting! And as a new female entrepreneur myself, I was inspired to reach out a helping hand to women even a step or two behind me on the path.

Don't get me wrong. I am still excited by that idea. It remains the core of my mission here - to help women entrepreneurs realize their new business dreams.

But I quickly noticed that there are two distinct kinds of entrepreneurs.

There are the kind like me - regular people living regular lives who have an idea. They do a lot of the work at home, squeezing it in around the requirements of regular life, like making dinner or mowing the lawn. Our goal may be for it to become a full time job someday, but that day is in the future. We are watching our pennies, trying to track expenses with a pencil and paper, and still dropping whatever we're doing when the dog needs an emergency trip to the vet.

Then there are the other kind. People who went to business school, people who make business plans, talk about VC funding and unicorns, and ask banks for 6-figure loans (and get them). These people just happen to know a factory in southeast Asia that can bang out 1,000 of their widget and deliver it in a week, and they have friends who are editors at major news outlets who can profile them. And within five years, they've been bought out, made a mint, and started the whole thing over again with some new idea.

The thing is, if you're the first kind, and all you listen to or read about is stories about the second kind, you might start to think what you're doing is pointless. A waste of time. You're not a "real" entrepreneur if you're managing your own social media with one hand while you stir that night's spaghetti sauce with the other. You might look at your tiny bottom line for the month and think - why don't I just go work at Target?

But Target started out as someone's idea, too, you know. Every business, big or small, conglomerate or mom-and-pop, starts with an idea. Some of those ideas very quickly wind up on the path to exposure and financial success, and some remain a one-man or one-woman band.

They are all entrepreneurs. So are you.

Think of it like ice cream (I compare a lot of things to ice cream). Breyer's vanilla, Haagen-Dazs coffee, and Baskin Robbins cotton candy are all very different flavors and eating experiences, but they are all ice cream. No one would argue otherwise. So it doesn't matter which "flavor" of entrepreneur you are. You're still out there trying to turn your idea into something more. Don't let the fancy big money entrepreneurs make you think you aren't one of them - and don't let yourself think that, either.

Which flavor of entrepreneur are you? Doesn't matter - we all started with just an idea. (Photo by Mark Cruz on Unsplash)

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