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What is Entrepreneuring for Me?

The short answer might just be: post-its. Entrepreneuring is a lot of post-its.

1. It's sitting in the car in my son's school parking lot, waiting for him and his classmates to pile into my car for a field trip. I'm reading "Think and Grow Rich" and texting with a client about edits to her brochure. Later that same day, I'm reading the same book and researching a new-to-me social media platform for small businesses (Alignable) while sitting in the orthodontist's office.

2. It's getting together with a small group of female friends/fellow entrepreneurs (where is that line anyway?) to start a Master Mind group and instead we spend the time brainstorming solutions for a college-age kid of ours who has gone off the rails into serious trouble. For women especially, family is first.

3. It's standing in Staples, laptop open, hotspot on, self-printing documents to be used in a new client pitch package . . . and feeling super-competent and devoted to my mission.

4. It's spending 90 minutes on the phone with a mom friend I haven't spoken to in years, because she saw my new business online, has one of her own, and wanted to talk shop.

5. It's checking, and re-checking, and re-checking for the umpteenth time to make sure my new brochures reflect me and my business perfectly before releasing them out into the world.

6. It's pockets of overwhelming self-doubt, followed by pockets of overwhelming confidence (sprinkled with "what's for dinner?").

7. It's lists. Monthly lists, weekly lists, daily lists. So. Many. Lists. (My mother gave me a literal brick of post-its for Christmas.)

8. It's being torn between knowing in my head that I should network more and feeling in my heart that I'd be better off "meeting" people in my most proficient medium - the written word.

9. It's always searching for books about being an entrepreneur - and being disappointed that so, so many of them are for bros doing tech start-ups and seeking angel investors and venture capital funds in California. It stands to reason there are lots of different kinds of entrepreneurs - where are the books more closely aligned with what I'm doing?

10. It's being ecstatic when I meet someone in a social setting who has needs that are perfectly aligned with the services one of my clients provide and I can casually say, "Oh, I have a client that would be so helpful for you. Here's her number. You'll love her."

11. It's volunteering for my kid's school to provide *professional* communications expertise - and no one batting an eye. Because if I say I am a professional, I am. I'm ok with volunteering as a mom, but it's a thrill to have the outside world recognize that I also have other valuable talents to offer.

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