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Posting a For Sale Item to Your Wix Blog

When you're creating a blog post in which you are showcasing something that is available for sale in the store section of your website, you want to make it as easy as possible for your reader to get to the store. Yes, you could just say - this is on my website1 - but you always want to make it as easy as possible for people to give you their money.

Take the extra minute to give them a link (or two!) to the page where they can put it in their shopping cart.

I'll be using Devon's page as an example.

Let's pretend that you want to blog about this piece and it's also for sale:

Once it's in the draft of your blog post, click on it just once, so that it's outlined in blue and the horizontal menu of icons pops up, like in the screenshot below:

Next click on the Link icon, which is third from the right and looks a bit like a paperclip. A small pop up box will appear:

Now open another tab/window on your computer and navigate to the product page for this piece. Note that there is only the one piece of art here on this page, its title is in the URL of the page (devonmeyerartist.com/product-page/falcon-in-the-garden), and there is the Add to Cart button.

Copy that URL.

Go back to your blog post in progress and paste it into the little pop up box.

Wix has "Link opens in a new tab" selected and "Tell Google to ignore this link" unselected. Leave them as is and hit Save.

Now if someone clicks on the photo, they will be taken to the Product Page for this piece.

But we also want them to know, in words, that they can click on a more obvious link, so we say so. Add a sentence like:

This piece if available for sale - please click here.

And then we highlight the word "here."

Another horizontal menu pops up and, like the horizontal menu for the photo, contains the Link icon. This time it's the second in from the right.

Click on the Link icon and that same pop up box appears:

Your computer should still remember the URL, so go ahead and paste it into the box. (If it doesn't, navigate to another tab/window, to your site, and to the Product Page and then copy the address again.)

Again, leave the auto-selections as is and select Save.

Now your word "here" is an active link (hence it's blue and underlined). Anyone who clicks on it will be taken to the Product Page.

Done! As soon as you Publish this, your visual visitors can click on the photo and your reading visitors can click on the word!

Note 1 - You can highlight and link more than one word - you might choose to make "please click here" the link instead of "here" for example. You can't do giant swaths of text though.

Note 2 - When you paste the address into the URL box, double-check that it's the correct address. More than once I have thought I'd copied the address I wanted, only to find, that when I pasted it in, it was an older address that my computer still remembered. (I'm not blaming the computer - I'm just saying when you run around doing a lot of copying and pasting you don't always pick up and put down what you intended.)

Note 3 - If you want to remove the link for the photo, click on it once and then select the Link icon. You'll get a similar pop up box:

Select the option to Remove Link and it's immediately un-linked.

Note 4 - To remove the link from the words, do much the same. Click anywhere in the word or phrase that is linked and you'll see an tiny pop up box. Hover over the Link icon and the "Remove Link" will appear. Click on it and immediately your word/phrase is unlinked.

Note 5 - And of course whenever you delete any item - photo or words - you are also deleting the link.

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