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My two cents on . . . taglines

Updated: Apr 8, 2019

A tagline is like a cheat sheet. Placed right under your business name, it can tell people what you do, or tell them why or how you do it better. Used in conjunction with a business name that clearly states what you do, it’s like a mini advertisement: Yoga with Yasmine – Holistic, Happy, Healthy. Used in conjunction with a more symbolic name, it gives you a space to clarify what you do: Moments of Zen – A Yoga Studio for Women on the Go. It’s a chance to communicate with your potential customers so there’s no reason not to have one.

With Take The Next Step, I don't take full advantage of the opportunity to use a tagline, although if pressed I'd say mine was, "Websites for women entrepreneurs." But since that doesn't appear everywhere you see my business name or logo, it's not truly operating as a tagline.

Taglines are similar to logos in that you probably know a bunch without even realizing it. Here's a quick quiz for you. Can you match the tagline to the company?

Taglines and website design

That wasn't even hard, was it?

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