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My two cents on . . . e-commerce

Are you going to have an online store? Will customers be able to pay on your site? Do you have a PayPal or Square account? How will they receive your product – pick up, drop off, or shipping? Before you decide you’re going to sell your homemade jewelry/soap/cookies online, do the legwork around product delivery. Are you packaging every pair of earrings? Are you standing in line at the post office? Are you going to use a 3rd-party to fulfill orders? How would that integrate with your website? Most consumers expect all online orders to arrive at the speed of Amazon Prime – are you able to compete with that? What if you had an international customer? Are you going to offer gift cards - how is that going to work?

These are all surmountable hurdles but they are ones to think about *before* slapping up a few products on your website. You don't want to spend all of your time on fulfillment instead of creation, and you don't want to lose money because you didn't factor in the expense of shipping.

You’ll want to read my post about photos, too, because if you’re offering physical products for sale on a website, you’ll need terrific photos.

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