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My two cents on . . . design

Some websites are easy on the eyes and entice you to linger. Others have harsh colors, difficult to read fonts, and frustrating pop-ups. Some are utterly intuitive and you can find what you were seeking in seconds. Others seem intent on making you hunt in vain until you give up and leave.

What constitutes good website design? Relevant information, laid out in a straight-forward manner. Easy maneuverability presented against a backdrop of simplicity and elegance. Readily understood copy that tells a compelling and authentic story. All of which works on laptops and mobile devices.

A good website is one your grandmother can work and your most fashionable friend would enjoy looking at. The sweet spot is where those two overlap.

One of my favorite websites recently is ThirdLove. They sell bras online. If you're a woman, you're already skeptical of this concept. Bras are like jeans or swimsuits - you resign yourself to half a day in dressing rooms trying to find one (just one!) that fits and looks nice. How could you possibly tackle this online?

ThirdLove has done it. Your grandmother could navigate the site because it's so clearly laid out. And your most fashionable friend will be impressed by the soothing colors and photos of real yet attractive women. Everything about the site, from sizing to selecting to returning, from copy to imagery, is set up to whisk you through the process seamlessly, despite the immense volume of information this site encompasses. (Kudos to the team at http://charactersf.com/projects/thirdlove for their inspired work!)

Do female web designers have a leg up on their male counterparts? No, not necessarily. But I do think there is a special magic that can happen when you pair women entrepreneurs with female web designers. You get a truly collaborative partnership when women work together - which is a kernel of wisdom any grandmother would share with you .

Website design for women
Your website should be so easy to navigate that your grandmother could figure it out (Photo by Alex Harvey on Unsplash)

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