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Book Review - The Infographic Guide for Entrepreneurs

by Carissa Lytle and Jara Kern

This was an impulse purchase right off the shelf (I should never be left unattended in a bookstore), despite the fact that I have over a dozen titles on my To Read list. I'm a sucker for infographics. Plus I wanted something with pictures because I knew I'd be reading it on a plane, where I sometimes have trouble concentrating.

The back cover promises that it will be "visually interesting + easy to understand" and it was both of those and more. Not only was it engaging, but it was chock full of basic information. Some of it I'd seen before, some of it new, but woven together in such a way that I felt both really smart (hey, I already knew that!) and like I was learning new stuff (hmm, I should underline that part).

I finished it in an hour or two and came away with half a dozen actionable ideas, earning it an excellent "time invested:ideas gleaned" ratio.

If you're brand new to being an entrepreneur, pick up a copy for your next plane ride.

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