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Book Review - Burn Your Portfolio

I stumbled across the author of this book, Michael Janda, in my Instagram feed and I have been a fan ever since. Despite the fact that I don't really like video - I'm a word person and I like to read information, not watch it - I found his quick video snippets irresistible.

Once I realized how helpful and engaging he was, I crossed my fingers and hoped he'd written a book. And voila! He had: Burn Your Portfolio - Stuff They Don't Teach You in Design School but Should.

This book is full of tidbits for anyone who identifies as a freelancer, particularly in a creative field. He doesn't talk about color theory or branding or fonts - he talks about business. It's the business side that most of us struggle with, so he's all about processes and systems that keep us organized and profitable.

Even if you're not in a website design-related field, his enthusiasm for entrepreneurs and their struggles will resonate. I highly recommend reading this book, following him on Instagram, or taking a peek at his YouTube series. He also seems like a genuinely nice guy who just wants to share his 20 years of experience.

In fact he's so charismatic, even in print, that I made a substantial life change after finishing his book. I've converted . . . from putting two spaces at the end of every sentence to just one. (Back when I learned to type - on a typewriter - two spaces was the iron-clad rule.) This is almost as significant as my switch to the Oxford comma in 2016!

His other, newer book - The Psychology of Graphic Design Pricing - arrives on my doorstep tomorrow. I was so pleased with Burn Your Portfolio that I couldn't resist the urge to read more of what he has to say.

What you can't see from this angle is all the pages I dog-eared

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