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Book Review - Build Your Dream Network

I was so excited to read this book. I'm a new entrepreneur and pretty introverted so I spend a fair amount of time angsting over how to meet other people like me. I have a network of mom friends, but I am ready to build another network of business contacts - other new entrepreneurs as well as those in my new chosen field. I am ready to build a dream network!

Alas, other, better titles for this book would have been:

"How to Take Care of Your Existing Network"

"I Was Smart and Built a Huge Network Starting Years Ago: Yay for Me"

"People at the Top of Their Fields Have Extensive Networks of Cool People and I Know Them"

This is not a book for new entrepreneurs. I folded down exactly one page and, despite having a pen at the ready, took zero notes - there was just nothing practical here for me.

Then I thought - well maybe this is aimed at people with regular office jobs, so I kept my husband, a lifelong white collar kind of a guy, in mind, and tried to think what he could get from it. But that didn't help. There's nothing much here for him either other than, "You should have been network building all this time."

This book also suffered from a common syndrome in the world of non-fiction and business books - "Should Have Been a Magazine Article."

Know what I mean? You read the entire book and it's redundant and long-winded. At the end, you wonder why it took the author 250 pages to say what they could have fully captured in only five.

But wait! I'm not done yet!

It also contained contradictory advice. You should use LinkedIn, but I, the author, do not. You should figure out why you're networking, and not accept every invitation you get, but I'm now going to spotlight someone whose says, "I moved to a new city and accepted literally every invitation I got and it was great."

Not only is that contradictory, but if you are new to the city and know no one, who is inviting you anywhere? Were those personal or professional invites? How many professional invites does the average person get, anyway? Because it felt like this gal got dozens at a time.

I don't like books that waste my time. Good for her, the author, that she has a dream network, and that she has friends who also have dream networks, but this title, "Build Your Dream Network," is really a misnomer. New entrepreneurs can easily skip this.

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Not the practical guide it appears to be

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