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12 Decisions for Every Pre-Entrepreneur, or Why I Make Websites for Women

Are you a pre-entrepreneur? Are you a women with an idea for a business and not sure how to get it started? You want to call yourself an entrepreneur but you're not quite there yet? Then I'm calling you a pre-entrepreneur!

When I meet with new or pre-entrepreneurs to discuss building their website, I take them through a lengthy questionnaire (more on that another day) which culminates in asking them to make 12 decisions about their business:

1. Do you have a name for your business?

2. Do you have a domain name? One that matches your business name?

3. Do you have (or want) a logo?

4. Do you have (or want) a tagline?

5. Are you selling stuff on your site?

6. Do you have an appropriate business email address?

7. Do you have or want a new business phone number?

8. Do you have photos for your website?

9. Are you going to have a blog?

10. What's your aesthetic? Bold and neon? Elegant and pastel? Nordic/Ikea simple?

11. Will you have business cards?

12. Do you or will you have a social media presence?

Some women have none of these figured out when we meet. Few have all of them figured out. We walk through all of them together.

Part of the reason I ask about these is because they impact their website design - most of these are direct ingredients into a proper website.

But I have found that I enjoy asking these questions because it helps clients focus their business vision. Perhaps someone who says they want to open a bakery realizes, while we are brainstorming domain name possibilities, that they really just want to sell cupcakes. Contemplating a tagline and a logo serves to identify what is at the heart of the client's idea. Discussing their aesthetic prompts people to look off into space and imagine what their website might look like.

Until you make these decisions, your idea is just something fun to talk about. But as I sit across from (or at the other end of the phone from) a client and we go through these 12 questions, I can feel the energy of the project shift from a hazy-maybe-someday thought to a bright-defined-this is really happening plan. The process makes me feel like a midwife of sorts - and what an honor it is for me to be alongside a woman at this turning point in her life.

And THAT moment, being there for that shift from someday to today, is why I chose to do website design for women entrepreneurs.

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