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"Jennifer created, designed and optimized the most incredible website for me! She took the time to learn about my work, my values and my vision, and perfectly represented who I was and what I do in a beautifully creative page."


- Kathy Denious, M.Ed.

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Kathy is a private special education teacher. She creates personalized lesson plans for children with learning challenges and then regularly meets with them to carry them out.

A tutor? Sort of, but Kathy is so much more - and that was the challenge behind creating her website.

Kathy is an impassioned champion of children who are outside the "norm." She believes every child is capable of learning and she is dedicated to making children believe in themselves.

She didn't want anything too fancy - just a simple site where parents and students could get a sense of what she does and who she is.

Kathy works with a variety of families. In some, the children attend a traditional school but need a little extra help. In others, the children are homeschooled, and the parents need quite a bit of help. In addition, she offers counseling and advice to families trying to find their way through the world of special education.

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The butterfly theme is intentional. The photos were taken by Kathy during a series of science lessons with a student. The metaphor is clear - she can help transform a struggling and unhappy student into an enthusiastic and fully-realized butterfly.

Once site visitors understand what Kathy does, they want to learn who she is. Her About page leads with a softer explanation of her skills and experience, surrounded by additional photos from lessons with students.

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And then scrolls down to her resume.

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The next question parents are likely to ask is - what have other parents thought about her?

That one is a little tricky, as many parents are reluctant to share photos of their kids. But Kathy had one family who was so ecstatic to have found her that they willingly offered to share on the website.

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And finally, to give parents an understanding of Kathy's expertise in special education, she provided a list of additional websites from which parents could learn more.

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Kathy wanted to evoke a sense of calm professionalism and couple that with her passion for helping children who had been left behind.

And on a personal note, purple is her favorite color.